Video deck review: Edify, v1 + final

Founder Kristen Gallagher gives us a rare look at a successful seed deck, its never-pitched predecessor, and the decisions she made that led to a successful fundraise

It’s been so long since we did a pitch deck review! I’ve been busy writing Automatter, a newsletter about automation and process design in the surprisingly-manual world of venture capital, but I had an opportunity to do a unique deck review that I couldn’t pass up. This one is different from my previous deck reviews in every way.

  1. It’s in video form.

  2. The final deck has virtually no visual elements.

  3. It’s a team effort.

This is a rare gem. Edify founder Kristen Gallagher pitched the deck and analyzed it with me. Then we went from a great deck review to a legendary one with a walk through the original, never-pitched version of the deck and the stories of how she went from a pitch that was already pretty good to a unique, super-streamlined deck that paved the way for a $2M seed round.

(And oh by the way, they’re hiring for a Dev Advocate and a Senior Software Engineer.)

Check it out below. We start with the pitch, we move from pitch to analysis at 9:40, and then we rewind to v1 at 21:13.