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“With a labyrinth, you make a choice, and once you’ve chosen around and around you go, but you always find your way to the center” -Jeff Bridges

A guide for founders and all those brave enough to enter the labyrinth

You are on the journey or thinking about it. You’re an entrepreneur in your bones and you’ve launched something, are thinking about launching something or are a supporter of someone who has. The good news is there is more content than ever before about how to build or invest in startups. The bad news is it’s all the same and it doesn’t give you the two most important understandings.

FIRST: You need to understand how VCs think and how they make decisions. This will arm you with the tools you need for success. VCs tend to be very public about who they’ve invested in and what they like to see but hold their critical decision making processes very tight to the vest. This makes advice plentiful but superficial.

SECOND: You need to be understood by others. Starting something new is brutally difficult. Nothing can magically make it any easier but what helps more than anything else is to be understood and supported by those around you. To truly understand that you aren’t the first one on this journey and you aren’t the only one experiencing these challenges is powerful.

The Labyrinth is a place where I hope to cultivate a community around these twin understandings.

Subscribe to The Labyrinth and you will learn about how venture decisions are made, you’ll learn why some companies raise capital easily and others languish for years, you’ll learn about self care and how you can arm yourself for the journey ahead and you’ll find a supportive community who will walk the path beside you.

About Jake

I am the co-founder and a managing partner of Alpha Bridge Ventures where I spend most of my time investing in and supporting deep technology companies. I have a particular passion for aerospace, biotech, ai, robotics and national security technology.

In the past 15 years I have had a 360 degree education in venture capital having been a venture lawyer, a 2X founder, a corporate fund manager, an operator, a solo GP and now the co-founder of a firm with multiple partners. In sum, I have sat in every single seat at the venture capital roundtable and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly at each position.

I have written for TechCrunch, Venture Beat, Pando, Forbes as well as other tech focused publications and can be found on twitter @vc.

What we publish:

  • Slide by slide deck reviews

  • Weekly live Q&A / office hours

  • Investment memos

  • Candid thoughts that could get me cancelled on twitter. Fuck that.

  • Best practices around self-care and company leadership

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Labyrinths Not Mazes

Labyrinths and mazes are often treated as synonymous in common usage but they are actually quite different structures. A true labyrinth is unicursal meaning that there is one opening which serves as both entrance and exit and only a single path to follow to the center. The path is winding and may be hard but as long as the pilgrim continues forward, they will reach the center and will find their way home. Mazes are multicursal with many potential branching path’s and no guarantee of a successful outcome.

Contrary to most wisdom, I see startups as labyrinths, not mazes. Failure only comes if you abandon your journey. Nobody knows what the center of the labyrinth holds and nobody knows who you will be once you exit the labyrinth but we do know that so long as you have the wherewithal to make it to the center, you will have learned something vital about yourself.

Enter the Labyrinth

Join The Labyrinth, join this community of fellow travelers. We don’t know what the center of your labyrinth holds and we don’t know who you will be when you have come back out but we want to walk the path beside you and give you the strength to complete your labyrinth. Invite us along.

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